RSG QLD Course Overview

SITHGAM022 – Provide responsible gambling services

(RSG) Queensland

The Provide Responsible Gambling Services certificate is a mandatory requirement for individuals engaged in facilitating gambling activities within licensed gaming venues, betting agencies, casinos, and other gambling establishments across Australia.

Learn how to responsibly facilitate gambling activities, discover strategies to assist customers in maintaining responsible gambling behavior, understand and respect to the laws governing gambling activities in Australia, and develop the skills to intervene when necessary to promote responsible gambling.


To facilitate gambling activities in Australia, completion of a Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RSG) training course provided by an approved training provider. This RSG Course is valid in Queensland only.


It is estimated that this course may take 6 hours to complete. Your online student portal allows you to start-stop and resume the course at any time, from any device.

Please note: Students with prior gaming room experience will be able to complete the course in a considerably shorter timeframe.

You have 4 weeks from the date of your enrolment to complete your course. After that, your course will expire and you will not be able to access it. There are no refunds if you do not complete the course within the timeframe given.


100% Online. No videos, phone calls or voice recordings are required.



We believe in transparency! That is why there are no hidden or extra costs associated with your RSG course. You will receive your RSG Statement of Attainment upon completion of the course.

Modes of delivery

Online and through correspondences with one of our fully qualified hospitality experts.

Assessment methods

Skill and knowledge assessments are essential steps in progressing through your course. Variety is the spice of life, and to keep our students engaged we use several assessments methods such as scenario based assessments, written assessment and questioning.


Please note, upon successful completion of our SITHGAM022 Provide Responsible Gambling Services course, you’ll be authorised to facilitate gambling activities in QUEENSLAND.


The RSG course consists of 2 modules.

Module 1


Module 2

  • RSG TEST² | Online Quiz
  • RSG TEST² | Legal Requirements and Scenarios
  • RSG TEST² | Written³ and Oral⁴ Test

¹Learning Material

A ‘Slide Show’ that provides you with the required knowledge for each module.

²RSA Test

A mixture of automatically marked questions, such as single choice, multiple choice, mix and match and fill in the blanks.

³Written (Scenarios)

A Written Assessment that requires you to answer each question in your own words. This Assessment will be marked by one of our Assessors after submission during office hours Mon-Fri 9-5pm (Excuding public holidays)

⁴Oral (Scenario)

A Written Assessment that requires you to answer each question in your own words. This Assessment will be marked by one of our Assessors after submission during office hours Mon-Fri 9-5pm (Excuding public holidays)


To complete this course, you need:

  • Photo ID – This can be a driver’s licence, passport, 18+ card, Proof of Age card, Australia Post Keypass identity card, or a student card. The ID document must be current and include a photo of you and your date of birth.
  • Unique student identifier (USI) – a government requirement for all students undertaking nationally recognised training within Australia. For more information, please see our FAQ’s
  • Device – computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone with internet access. We recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser.

More Information

Job prospects

  • Gaming Attendant

Secure payment options

  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Course outcome

We provide a Statement of Attainment to all students who successfully complete all components of our nationally recognised RSA course.


Our dedicated student support team is committed to helping you get the most out of your student experience, from enrolment through to completion.

Our e-learning environment allows you to connect and engage with our trainers throughout the online learning experience.

Just because you’re studying online doesn’t mean you have to study alone. You can contact your trainer via email at any time during your course. Generally, trainers will respond to any questions you may have within 24-48 hours during office hours, Mon-Fri 9-5pm (Excuding public holidays). You will find the contact details of your trainer within your student portal. Your trainer will also use your portal to post news items, additional study resources, and answers to asked questions.




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